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A Day of Team Building, Sotong Game Style: How We Turned Competition into Camaraderie

Imagine stepping into the office one morning, only to find out that your usual workday agenda has been replaced by a series of games inspired by Netflix’s hit show, Squid Game. No, this isn’t about survival of the fittest in the literal sense, but rather a unique twist on team building that promises to turn competition into camaraderie. Let me take you through a day unlike any other, where the cutthroat world of Sotong Game meets the collaborative spirit of our team.

sotong game team building dalgona candy
squid game team building

Kicking Off with Laughter and Strategy: Red Light, Green Light

Our adventure begins with a childhood classic that suddenly became the talk of the town thanks to Squid Game: Red Light, Green Light. Picture a group of adults, usually glued to their desks, now darting and freezing across the room with eyes wide with excitement and a touch of competitive spirit. It’s more than just an icebreaker; it’s a shared experience that levels the playing field, bringing everyone back to their carefree childhood days. This game doesn’t just get our bodies moving; it gets our brains firing, ready for the day ahead.

The Sweet Taste of Teamwork: Dalgona Candy Challenge

Next up, we dive into the meticulous world of the Dalgona Candy Challenge. Armed with needles and a ticking clock, teams huddle together, guiding each other’s hands as they carve out shapes from fragile sugar honeycomb. It’s a delicate dance of patience, focus, and gentle encouragement. Through this seemingly simple task, we learn a vital lesson: in the workplace, just like in the game, careful attention and a supportive environment can turn the toughest challenges into sweet victories.

"This journey through Sotong game team building wasn’t just a day of fun. It was a lesson in the power of camaraderie, strategic thinking, and the incredible things we can achieve when we bring our diverse strengths together. So, who’s ready to play?"

Pulling Together: The Real Strength of Tug of War

As the day progresses, we revisit the heart-stopping tension of Tug of War. But in our sotong game version team building, it’s not the strongest who prevail but the most synchronized. It’s a battle of wits, strategy, and collective strength. This game teaches us that no matter how tough the challenge, pulling together in the same direction is what truly makes a team strong. It’s a powerful metaphor for the workplace, reminding us that unity and strategic thinking are our greatest assets.

Mastering Strategy and Insight: The Block Exchange Game

As we delve deeper into our day of unconventional team building, we encounter the Block Exchange Game—a game designed not just for fun, but to sharpen our strategic minds and collaborative instincts. Imagine this: each team is given a set of blocks, each colored differently, representing a spectrum of values. Some blocks add points to your team's total, while others might subtract. Here's the twist: the point values of these blocks are mostly unknown at the start. Teams are given a few hints about the value of certain colors, but the rest remains a mystery. The objective? To strategize and negotiate with other teams to exchange blocks, aiming to amass the highest possible score by the end of the game. This requires a blend of strategy, communication, and a bit of calculated risk-taking.

Beyond the Games: Building a Team That Lasts

What started as a series of games inspired by a television show turned into a transformative experience for our team. We laughed, strategized, and faced challenges together in ways we never expected. This sotong game team building taught us more about each other, showing us that when we work together, there’s nothing we can’t face.

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