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Don't let your HRDC or HRDF levy fund expire or forfeited!

Updated: Jan 5

a man looking at his computer which says "your hrdc fund is expiring!"
Your HRDC fund is expiring! Don't miss out!

If your company has been contributing to HRDC (Human Resources Development Corporation, previously known as HRDF) without tapping into the training benefits for your staff, you might be losing out. As of January 1, 2020, un-utilised levy funds are now forfeited within 2 years, a significant reduction from the previous 5 years. This change aims to encourage employers to consistently invest in training, enhancing the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

Unlocking HRDC or HRDF Fund Benefits for Team Building and Training at Braver Strides

Take a moment to engage with your HR department to ensure they're aware of this latest development. At Braver Strides, we believe in the power of effective team building and training to elevate your team's performance and cohesion.

Even if your company isn't mandated to contribute to HRDF, investing in team building and training is a strategic move. In the dynamic landscape of business, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing skills have become more crucial than ever.

What are the benefits of team building and training?

Still on the fence about utilising your HRDC levy for team building and trainings?

Consider the benefits:

  • Adaptability: Equip your team with the skills to thrive in a digital-centric environment, especially as remote work becomes a prevalent practice.

  • Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of the competition by empowering your employees with the latest digital marketing strategies.

  • Future-Proofing: In an era where the digital platform plays a vital role, investing in the skills needed to navigate this landscape is a wise business decision.

Braver Strides HRDC Claiming sessions
Braver Strides is now a HRDC Official Training Provider

Now to the important question, how much can a company claim from HRDC for a team building or training event?

  1. Training Fee:

    1. HRDC mandates a maximum of 35 pax per group of training. Don’t worry if you have more than that number, we can always carry out multiple groups at the same time.

    2. Claimable amount per group (35 pax)

      1. Half day @ RM3,000

      2. Full day @ RM6,000

      3. 2D1N = half day + full day @ RM9,000

    3. For sessions with 5 pax or less per group, the claimable training fee will be pro-rated.

  2. Trainee Allowance:

    1. For venues less than 100 km @ RM150/full day/pax and for venues more than 100 km @ RM400/full day/pax

    2. For sessions shorter than full day, the trainee allowance will be pro-rated. (e.g. half day event at a venue less than 100km, the claimable amount will be RM75/half day/pax

  3. Transportation Claim:

    1. You are eligible to claim as per quotation provided

Important note:

  • To be eligible for HRDC claiming, participants must be Malaysian under full-time employment of your company

Why choose Braver Strides?

At Braver Strides, we specialise in comprehensive team building and training programs. Our offerings are designed to not only meet the current challenges but also future-proof your team for what lies ahead.

Why Choose Braver Strides?

  • Expertise: Benefit from our expertise as a recognized HRDC training provider.

  • Tailored Programs: Our team building and training programs are crafted to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Braver Strides' Contact Info

Braver Strides' Approach to Team Building:

At Braver Strides, we pride ourselves on offering a range of innovative and engaging team-building activities. We tailor our programs to your unique needs, ensuring your team experiences not only fun and excitement but also personal and professional growth. From customised gamified training to corporate social responsibility (CSR) team-building initiatives, we have a solution for every organisation.

Our Unique Offerings:

  • Customised Gamified Training: Dive into immersive training experiences that are not just informative but also incredibly fun. Our gamified training is designed to boost engagement and retention while ensuring your team develops the skills they need to succeed.

  • CSR Team Building: Go beyond the boardroom and make a difference in the community. Our CSR team-building activities provide a chance to give back while strengthening your team's bonds.

Real Results, Real Impact:

Don't just take our word for it. Companies that have partnered with Braver Strides have witnessed remarkable changes within their organisations. Increased employee satisfaction, improved teamwork, and tangible business results are just some of the outcomes we've helped our clients achieve.

Ready to elevate your team's potential? Contact us at +6011-1144 5462 and explore how Braver Strides can be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your team through effective training and team-building initiatives.

Contact us today!

WhatsApp: 012-6967361



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