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Gamified Training in Malaysia: Braver Strides’ Approach to Enhancing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." This quote aptly captures the essence of what we do at Braver Strides. In the bustling heart of Malaysia, we are revolutionizing the concept of corporate training. Our gamified training approach, blends the thrill of gaming with the serious business of developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And yes, it's all HRDC claimable.

"Participants engaged in an interactive gamified training session in Malaysia, collaboratively solving problems and enhancing critical thinking skills."

Interactive Gamified Training in Malaysia for Real-World Problem-Solving

We believe in the power of interactive challenges that mirror real-life scenarios in our gamified training in Malaysia. Our simulation games, a key component of our gamified training in Malaysia, are designed to immerse participants in situations where critical thinking is essential. These scenarios, from crisis management to complex project planning simulations, are all set in an engaging, game-like environment. This hands-on approach ensures that participants in our team building activities in Malaysia not only learn but also apply critical thinking in real-world contexts.

Reward Systems to Motivate and Engage

At Braver Strides, we incorporate sophisticated reward systems in our gamified training modules in Malaysia. By achieving certain milestones or solving intricate problems, participants earn points, badges, or levels. This system is not just a motivator but also a tracker of individual and team progress, keeping participants engaged and focused on enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Collaborative Problem-Solving: The Core of Team Building

We emphasize collaborative problem-solving in our team building activities. Our multiplayer scenarios require teams to come together, share ideas, and devise solutions collectively. This approach not only fosters team spirit but also enhances critical thinking as a group, a vital aspect of any successful team dynamic.

Puzzle-Based Games for Strategic Thinking

Our puzzle-based games are meticulously crafted to stimulate logical reasoning and strategic planning. These games range from simple, quick-thinking exercises to more complex puzzles requiring deep cognitive processing. Such an approach ensures that participants at all levels can engage and benefit from our training.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs) for Decision-Making

Our RPGs are an integral part of our training programs. Participants face various decision-making scenarios that impact the game's outcome, simulating real-life challenges. This immersive experience is not only captivating but also a powerful tool in honing decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Real-Time Strategy for Quick Decision-Making

In our real-time strategy games, participants are required to make quick decisions, adapting their strategies to rapidly changing scenarios. This aspect of our training is crucial for developing critical thinking under pressure, a skill highly valued in the fast-paced business world.

Narrative-Based Learning for Engaging Problem-Solving

We integrate compelling narratives in our games, where each decision impacts the story's progression. This approach teaches participants to analyze information critically and weigh their choices carefully, reflecting real-life problem-solving situations.

Platforms for Debate and Discussion

Our training programs include platforms for debate and discussion, allowing participants to deliberate on strategies and solutions. This not only sharpens their critical thinking skills but also encourages open communication and team cohesion.

HRDC Claimable: An Investment in Your Team's Future

Recognizing the importance of accessibility in corporate training, our programs are HRDC claimable. This feature allows organizations to invest in their most valuable asset – their people – without the burden of financial constraints.

Gamified Training vs. Traditional Training Programs

Gamified training boasts a vibrant and extensive history, rising to prominence among Learning & Development (L&D) experts. Its popularity stems from its ability to overcome the shortcomings of conventional training approaches.

In many cases,  training materials are limited to basic text and image-based documents or eLearning modules. Then there’s your face-to-face training. This will likely involve employees cooped up in a room listening to a live lecture or video presentation.

However, such traditional training methods frequently fail to meet the diverse learning requirements of various generations. For instance, old-fashioned learning formats will no longer cut it for today’s modern learner

Conversely, numerous studies highlight the superior effectiveness of gamified training compared to traditional learning techniques.

For instance, one survey revealed that a staggering 95% of employees enjoy the integration of gaming elements in their workplace. Another study has found that gamification improves learning retention by up to 90%. Indeed, the results speak for themselves.

Why Choose Braver Strides for Team Building in Malaysia?

  1. Innovative Approach: Our gamified training methods are at the forefront of corporate training, blending learning with engaging gameplay.

  2. Real-World Application: We focus on skills that are directly applicable in the workplace, ensuring that participants can transfer what they learn into their daily roles.

  3. Collaborative Environment: Our programs are designed to strengthen team bonds, crucial for any organization’s success.

  4. Customizable Solutions: We understand that every organization is unique. Our programs can be tailored to meet specific team dynamics and organizational objectives.

  5. Expert Facilitation: Our team of facilitators are experts in gamification and corporate training, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

  6. HRDC Claimable: Our programs are HRDC claimable, making them accessible for all organizations committed to employee development.


In a world where the lines between work and play are increasingly blurred, Braver Strides stands at the forefront, championing a new era of team building activities in Malaysia. Our approach, is not just about playing games; it's about learning, growing, and thriving together as a team. Check out our gamified training in Malaysia page to pick the most critical skills you're looking to develop your team on.



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