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How Team Building Goes Wrong, and How Braver Strides Revolutionize It with Gamification!

Let's face it, the mere mention of "team building" often elicits groans rather than excitement. You're probably picturing awkward trust falls or forced participation in activities that feel more like a chore than a bonding experience. You might even find yourself daydreaming about your spreadsheets or strategizing how to hit your next big sales target instead. But what if I told you that the whole concept of team building has been approached all wrong? Enter Braver Strides and our very own Joey, ready to sprinkle some much-needed zest into the team-building mix.

Team building gamification by Braver Strides

Gamify to Unify

The magic word? Gamification. Gamification isn't just a buzzword; it's a complete overhaul of the traditional team-building playbook.

YES, by turning team-building activities into engaging, thought-provoking games, we’re not just passing the time; we’re smashing those invisible walls that have been quietly building up between colleagues. Imagine the quiet person in the corner office leading a team to victory in a strategy game, or the sales team collaborating with the tech team to solve a puzzle. Suddenly, everyone’s brains are firing on all cylinders, not just passively participating but actively engaging and, dare we say, having fun.

From Hidden Voices to Harmonious Noises

In a typical corporate setting, it's easy for voices to get lost in the shuffle. But when we gamify team building, we create a space where even the most subdued colleague feels comfortable stepping into the spotlight. It’s about giving everyone a mic — figuratively speaking — and genuinely listening to the diverse ideas and perspectives they bring to the table. This isn’t just about talking; it’s about engaging in meaningful dialogue that wouldn’t happen in the usual boardroom meetings.

Dialogue: The Open Door to More

One of the most underrated aspects of gamified team building is its ability to foster open dialogue. When you’re strategizing over a game, communication flows more naturally. There’s less pressure to say the "right" thing, and more emphasis on sharing genuine thoughts and ideas. This openness doesn’t end when the game does; it carries over into daily work interactions, making for a more cohesive and collaborative team.

Common Ground: The Foundation of Team Building Gamification

At the heart of it, gamified team building is about finding common ground in the most uncommon ways. By working together to win a game, teams build a sense of unity and camaraderie that can be hard to achieve through traditional work projects alone. It’s this sense of collective achievement and shared fun that can transform a group of individuals into a tight-knit team, ready to tackle any challenge with a united spirit.

So, why stick to the old, dreary way of doing team building when Braver Strides is here to flip the script? With Joey at the helm, we’re ready to infuse your team building with excitement, creativity, and a genuine sense of connection. By the time your team heads back to the grind, they’ll be more united, motivated, and energized than ever before. And who knows? They might just find themselves looking forward to the next team-building day. Imagine that!



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