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Physical Team Building, All

Braver Tank

Activity Summary


2 to 4 hours




Low to Moderate


Organizations focusing on innovation and creativity training.


From RM150/pax

Group Size

5 - 100 participants

"Braver Tank" is a physical team building immersive experience designed to ignite participants' innovation and problem-solving skills. Drawing inspiration from the popular show Shark Tank, this HRDF claimable activity empowers your teams to become inventors, creative thinkers, and persuasive communicators. It's a perfect blend for a physical team building activity in Kuala Lumpur, where participants are provided with a myriad of raw materials, igniting their imaginations and sparking inventive solutions.

In the heart of this creative storm, teams collaborate to propose their visionary ideas to address real-world challenges. These challenges can be customized to your organization's unique needs, be it internal issues or broader societal concerns. Each group dives deep into brainstorming sessions, refining their ideas and crafting compelling solutions.

The true essence of "Braver Tank" comes to life during the pitch and sell phase. Groups must not only present their ideas but also convince a panel of judges that their solution is the most viable, effective, and innovative. This process cultivates presentation and negotiation skills while encouraging participants to think critically, persuasively, and adapt to a dynamic, high-pressure environment.

Not only does "Braver Tank" serve as a platform for fostering innovation and creativity, but it also nurtures teamwork and adaptability. It's an opportunity for your team members to collaborate, learn from one another, and, ultimately, bring out their best.

With "Braver Tank," your teams will be inspired to tackle challenges from fresh perspectives, developing an entrepreneurial spirit that resonates within your organization. This activity truly embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation that can propel your team to new heights.

What's Included?


Recycled and everyday objects for creativity

Canvas and art supplies

Presentation Aids, guidance and judges

Hosting & Support

On-site events team

Activity host/trainer

All setup & teardown

Technical & logistics support

Event planning & customisation

Learning Outcomes

Negotiation and persuasion skills

Encourage innovation and critical thinking

Enhance teamwork and adaptability

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