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Physical Team Building, All

Cultural Scavenger Hunt

Activity Summary


2 to 4 hours




Moderate to High


Participants interested in cultural exploration.


From RM125/pax

Group Size

15 - 100 participants

Embark on an engaging physical team-building adventure with our Cultural Scavenger Hunt. This dynamic activity immerses teams in a quest to uncover hidden treasures of local traditions and tales, offering an exhilarating journey through the heart of culture. Customize this hands-on experience for any city or venue, making it a perfect fit for groups seeking an active cultural exploration.

Participants in this physical team building challenge will delve into solving riddles and deciphering clues, leading them on foot to culturally significant landmarks and sites. In this race against time, teams must physically navigate the city's terrain, piecing together its history and heritage through active exploration.

Choose the traditional pen-and-paper approach with task cards or embrace technology with our web app, adding an innovative layer to this physical cultural adventure. Each method ensures a lively and engaging experience, encouraging teams to physically interact with their surroundings.

This Cultural Scavenger Hunt is more than a mere exploration; it's a physical team building journey that pushes participants to think quickly, communicate effectively, and combine their knowledge to solve real-world puzzles. It's ideal for teams seeking to bond through active, on-the-ground engagement, whether in familiar locales or new cities. Join us for a Cultural Scavenger Hunt where physical team building meets cultural exploration, creating an unforgettable experience that fosters team unity and celebrates diverse heritages.

What's Included?


Customized scavenger hunt task and instructions

Choose from traditional or tech-based game play.

Water, ponchos and safety equipments

Hosting & Support

On-site events team

Activity host/trainer

All setup & teardown

Technical & logistics support

Event planning & customisation

Learning Outcomes

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

Teamwork and Communication

Problem Solving and Decision Making

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