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Physical Team Building, All

Hula Dance Challenge

Activity Summary


around 1 hour


Indoor or Outdoor


Moderate to High


Groups looking for a fun and energetic activity.


From RM75/pax

Group Size

10 - 100 participants

Embrace the rhythm and unleash your inner dancer with our Team Hula Dance Challenge! This exciting team-building activity is designed to bring participants together in a fun, creative environment. Engage in the unique experience of designing personalized Hula Dance outfits, learning vibrant choreography, and dazzling on stage with dynamic moves.

In this energetic and vibrant experience, teams bond over creativity and coordination as they collaborate to create their unique Hula Dance ensembles. Participants delve into their artistic side, selecting colors, fabrics, and designs that resonate with their team's spirit, making every outfit a reflection of unity and creativity.

The excitement builds as teams gear up to learn and practice the choreography. Guided by our experienced instructors, every participant, regardless of their dance experience, finds their rhythm and syncs with the team. The culmination is a spectacular show where teams take center stage, showcasing their newly acquired dance routines in their custom Hula Dance outfits.

More than just a dance event, the Hula Dance Challenge is a celebration of teamwork, creativity, and performance. It's an exceptional approach to corporate team bonding in Malaysia, enhancing team morale and forging unforgettable connections. This activity welcomes all, from seasoned dancers to beginners, promising a fun-filled experience that highlights the joy of movement, rhythm, and collective performance. Embrace this dynamic corporate dance event in Malaysia for a truly memorable team-building experience.

What's Included?


Materials for Hula dance outfits creation

Choreography guidebook and tutorial videos

Instruction manual and live tutorial

Hosting & Support

On-site events team

Activity host/trainer

All setup & teardown

Technical & logistics support

Event planning & customisation

Learning Outcomes

Coordination and Rhythm

Confidence and Self-Expression

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity

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