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Virtual Team Building, All

Virtual Escape Room

Activity Summary


around 1 hour






Remote teams and virtual events.


From RM75/pax

Group Size

5 - 100 participants

Embark on an enthralling online adventure with Braver Strides' Virtual Escape Room, the ultimate virtual team-building escape room in Malaysia. This innovative experience is perfect for remote or hybrid teams, offering a unique platform for connection and collaboration in a virtual environment. Dive into a world of puzzles, mysteries, and collective problem-solving, all part of a HRDF claimable virtual team-building journey.

In our Virtual Escape Room, participants are immersed in a captivating digital realm. Here, they must harness their collective wits, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to navigate through a series of challenging scenarios. From untangling cryptic clues to uncovering hidden secrets, each puzzle is a testament to creative thinking and effective communication, essential in any team-building effort.

What makes Braver Strides' Virtual Escape Room stand out is its adaptability. Teams can select from a diverse array of themed scenarios, each providing a unique storyline and set of challenges. Whether it's exploring a haunted mansion, unraveling a spy thriller, or surviving a post-apocalyptic landscape, there’s an adventure tailored to every team’s taste and goal.

This virtual escape room experience is not just about solving puzzles; it's a chance for teams to hone critical thinking, seamless collaboration, and adaptability, all while enjoying the thrill of an exhilarating adventure. It's a brilliant opportunity for remote teams to reinforce their bonds, elevate their problem-solving capabilities, and experience an unforgettable virtual adventure. Braver Strides offers this distinctive HRDF claimable virtual escape room experience, providing a memorable and engaging team-building activity.

Contact us to discover more about the exciting virtual escape rooms available, and embark on an adventure that transcends physical boundaries with Braver Strides in Malaysia.

What's Included?


Virtual game platform for the chosen activity

Pre-event invitation e-poster

Online meeting platform hosting

Hosting & Support

On-site events team

Activity host/trainer

All setup & teardown

Technical & logistics support

Event planning & customisation

Learning Outcomes

Puzzle Solving and Collaboration

Team Building and Communication

Critical Thinking in Digital Challenges

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